The 2019 Pest Odyssey IPM meeting was held on 16th October            2019

Pest Odyssey UK held its 2019 annual meeting in conjunction with Icon Collection Care Group on 16th October 2019 in Birmingham at the Museum Collection Centre (MCC).

 Morning Session:

  • 9.30-9.50- Coffee and welcome (& booking onto Stores Tours)
 Brief welcome by Chair of Committee/ Conference Chair with announcements
 Morning Session (10am to 1pm)
  • 10.00- 10.20

'Nitrogen. the European Commission and ICOM- an update'

Christian Baars (ICOM)

  • 10.25-10.45

'Challenges and developments in rodent control'

Chris Swindells (Acheta)

  • 10.50-11.10

'The Toil and Trouble of the Anoxia Bubble: Pest Eradication. Consternation'

Sarah Bashir (British Museum)

  • 11.15-11.35

'Understanding contaminated collections: A technique to measure volatile pesticide residues from museum objects'

Fabiana Portoni (British Museum)

  • 11.40- 12.00

The Stockholm Conference: the best bits

David Pinniger

  • 12.05- 12.25

IPM project in Sweden

Amy Crossman (Independent)

  • 12.30- 12.50

Red Deer alert: The story of an infestation in a comparative osteology collection within an Earth Sciences department

Zoe Hughes, Curator of Fossil Invertebrates (Brachiopods and Cephalopods), (natural History Museum, London)

  • 12.55- wrap up the morning session, announcements etc

  • LUNCH 13.00- 14.00: Bring your own lunch

Afternoon Session:

Afternoon session from 14.00
  • Small updates/ presentations/ discussion- 5 minutes of fame!
    • Sharing training experiences- Adie Doyle and Fabiana Portoni (BM)
    • Contracts- Chris Swindells (Acheta)
    • Of Mice and Moths (Dee Lauder & David Pinniger
  • Bug Swap

Bring your swaps, problem identifications (all very dead please!

  • Tours of Stores with Jane Thompson- Webb