Pest Off with Covid and Other Stories:


  • 12.45: Introduction, Jane Thompson-Webb, Conservation Team Leader. Birmingham Museums Trust
  • 12.50: A unique approach to IPM during lockdown, Adie Doyle, IPM Manager, British Museum
  • 13.10: IPM considerations when preparing for lockdown and beyond, Kerren Harris ACR, Preventive Conservation Team Leader, Historic Royal Palaces
  • 13.30: IPM opportunities and challenges during lockdown, Helen Smith ACR, Independent Preventive Conservator
  • 13.50: Questions
  • 14.05: Managing and controlling the common clothes moth at Hampton Court Palace: A ten year study, Sam Higgs, Preventive Conservator, Historic Royal Palaces
  • 14.25: Activities to support IPM during lockdown, Amy Crossman, Independent Conservator
  • 14.45: Acoustic emission monitoring of furniture response during thermolignum heat treatment, Nigel Blades, National Trust
  • 15.05: Questions
  • 15.20: Ascertaining the cause if localised pest build up in collection storage areas, Jospeh Jackson, Preventive Conservation Intern, National Library of Scotland
  • 15.30: An introduction to Icon Networks, Michael Nelles, Membership Manager, Icon
  • 15.40: Summing up, Jane Thompson-Webb, Conservation Team Leader, Birmingham Museums Trust

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