Programme for Pest Odyssey 2021: The Next Generation

Tuesday Sep 21: Day Two

09:30 Opening remarks

Session 5

09:40 Respond - Temperature treatments: Reducing temperatures in a Humidity Controlled warm air treatment of artworks and heritage objects (ICM)

Nikolaus Wilke

09:55 Respond - Temperature treatments: Deathwatch death wish

Robert Entwistle

10:10 Respond - Temperature treatments: Efficacy of low cost simple solar heating box to eradicate insect pests of Libraries in Sri Lanka

Udaya Cabral

10:25 Q&A

10:40 Sponsor Session: Total IPM

Poster Session

10:45 Selective feeding on paper and cardboard, and limited dispersal of the long-tailed silverfish Ctenolepisma longicaudatum in archives

Matthias Schˆller

10:50 Conservation of cultural heritage: Biological control of the common furniture beetle with Spathius Exarator

Judith Auer

11:00 Making room for traditional ecological knowledge in conservation: advantages, challenges, and planning research

Elizabeth Salmon

11:05 Break

11:15 Respond - Other treatments: From Discovery to Recovery: Managing a Webbing Clothes Moth Infestation at the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology Cassy Cutulle

11:30 Respond - Other treatments: Infestation Stations!  A novel, full-cycle approach to webbing clothes moth (Tineola bisselliella) eradication at Blickling Hall

Hilary Jarvis

11:45 Respond - Other treatments: Over 10+ years using parasitoid wasps in Integrated Pest Management for Cultural Heritage 

Stephan Biebl

12:00 Respond - Other treatments: Comparison of three treatment methods for archive material against the grey silverfish

Judith Wagner, Andrea Pataki-Hundt and Pascal Querner

12:15 Q&A

12:35 Lunch

13:30 Afternoon programme introduction  and notices

13:35 Recover- Engaging Staff: Pest partners - Increasing engagement with IPM

Helena Jaeschke

13:50 Recover- Engaging Staff: Adjusting to fit: Shifting an organisation's approach to Integrated Pest Management to better reflect cultural protocols, legal requirements and workplace dynamics

Nyssa Mildwaters and Shannah Rhynard-Geil

14:05 Q&A

14:15 Sponsor Session: Acheta

Chris Swindells

Poster Session

14:20 The history of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) at Natural History Museum, London

Suzanne Ryder

14:25 The Spiraea that came in from the cold.

Clare Booth-Downs

14:30 Insect Pest Underground: Managing pests in the secret war tunnels at Dover Castle

Wendy Richardson

14:35 Break

14:45 Recover- Reviewing established IPM Programmes: Twenty years of IPM at National Museums Scotland

Catherine Haworth

15:00 Recover- Reviewing established IPM Programmes: Eltham Palace:  900 years of history, 20 years of IPM in practice

David Pinniger and Dee Lauder

15:15 Recover- Reviewing established IPM Programmes: IPM of Kyushu National Museum: Developing Strategies and Cooperation 

Rika Kigawa

15:30: Q&A

15:45Day Two closing remarks


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