Pest Odyssey UK Group Terms of Reference

Name of group:

Pest Odyssey U.K.

Date of Formation:


Governed by:

Steering committee, made up of:

Val Blyth, Independent

Amy Crossman, Independent

Adrian Doyle, British Museum

Kerren Harris, Historic Royal Palaces

Mel Houston, National Library of Scotland

Dee Lauder, English Heritage

Sam Higgs, Historic Royal Palaces

David Pinniger, IPM consultant

Suzanne Ryder, Natural History Museum, London

Helen Smith, Independent

Amy Crossman, Independent

Julianne Phippard, British Museum

Elizabeth Woodgyer, Royal Botanical Gardens Kew

Jane Thompson-Webb, Birmingham Museum Trust

Alexander Walker, Bodleian Library, Oxford

Armando Mendez, Natural History Museum, London

Nigel Blades, National Trust

The steering group consists of professionals from the cultural heritage sector with a wide experience of IPM, a personal interest and demonstrated dedication to the program and its applications. We effectively represent the cultural sector, drawn from the wide group; hence their names are attached to the institutions they belong to in all communications.

It is required for steering group members to show active participation and within the group and attend a minimum of 1 meeting annually.


Rotating by host organisation


Suzanne Ryder,  Natural History Museum, London


Steering group members & all parties interested in IPM

Organisation type:

Non profit group, advocating for IPM in cultural heritage institutions. Creating collaborative networks and sharing relevant information.


To communicate, advise and promote all aspects of IPM through Pest Odyssey UK group email, annual open meetings, publications, training and a website


To protect collections against pest attack by using non-invasive methods.

Terms of Reference:


  • Promote and communicate IPM best practice
  • Share and exchange knowledge and expertise
  • Develop guidelines and strategies for IPM programmes
  • Explore learning tools
  • Maintain an online presence to disseminate relevant information
  • Advise legislative bodies directing control and treatment products
  • Support emerging professionals in IPM
  • Maintain links with International professional bodies

Activities and current areas of focus:

  • Organise and host annual open meeting
  • Independent review of Risk zones
  • Guidelines for employing a rodent contractor
  • Develop the Pest Odyssey website
  • Sharing expertise with IPM professionals
  • Investigate funding need for website development


  • Provide a program for annual open meeting
  • Develop website
  • Post rodent contractor review


  • Steering group meetings: 3 times a year. At differing venues (one immediately before or after the open meeting)
  • Open meeting: annual. At differing venues in the UK

Relevant documents:

  • Terms of reference
  • Mission
  • Vision


  • Steering group and participants are self funded
  • Host organisation for meetings provide venue and catering free of charge
  • Costs for Pest Odyssey website maintenance and upgrades to be sourced externally