Post Prints are now available from: English Heritage Publishing Sales, Central Books, 99 Wallis Road, London, E9 5LNd

A Pest Odyssey 2011: Ten Years Later was a follow up to the highly successful conference of the same name held in 2001.

The event was being hosted by the British Museum and organised by Icon's Care of Collections Group in partnership with the British Museum and a wide range of other institutions, including English Heritage, The British Museum, the Natural History Museum, Historic Royal Palaces, The V & A, the Museum of London, the Horniman Museum and The Tate.

This new conference:

  • looked at how Integrated Pest Management (IPM) has developed over the past ten years to deal with the increasing threat pest attacks poses to collections and buildings
  • Shared new understandings about pest species and the risks they pose
  • Was a platform for showing how successful training programmes have raised the profile of IPM both within the heritage sector and beyond
  • Presented cases studies covering a variety of practical control strategies and how these can work in both the traditional museum setting and the wider heritage context
  • Formulated a set of guidelines and priorities for future work and research to make IPM even more effective Enabled people to share and discuss their problems and successes

Speakers came from far and wide including Japan, Australia, USA, Europe and included David Pinniger and Tom Strang.

The posters and the conference proceedings are now published in hard copy from English Heritage central books

The programme and PDF's of the posters can also be found by following the link below.

All delegates were able to attend the pre- registration ice breaker evening event at the Kensington Palace and an evening banquet hosted by the Natural History Museum in the Darwin Centre.